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Our Hotel

Our Hotel is located just a few steps away from the oldest ZOO in the Czech Republic and 300 meters nearby the Botanical gardens.Tramcars stop directly at the hotel, ready to take you as far as the cableway leading up to the top of Ještěd mountain.Tramcar transportation is free of charge for senior citizens over 70.A mere 8 minute walk will take you to the biggest indoor swimming pool boasting the biggest indoor water slide in Central Europe.The hotel presents a perfect spot for romantic outings to the Liberec vicinity and is your gateway to the Jizera mountains, with the marked trails starting within 5 minutes of walking distance.
If you are a tennis fan we will be happy to arrange tennis court rental for you.
The town center is 10 minutes of walking distance or 4 minutes of tramcar ride and offers an array of cultural and shopping activities.For museum lovers, the Museum of Northern Bohemia Region is located nearby, just 3 minutes away from the hotel.

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    Tenisové kurty
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    Hotel U jezírka
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    Ubytování pokoj A1
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    Hotel U jezírka
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    Hotel U jezírka
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    Hotel U jezírka
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    ZOO Liberec - 2 minuty
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    Jezírko za hotelem ZOO Lb
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Hotel U jezírka v Liberci hodnocení